i almost spent $8.50 on grapes before i noticed!
no thanks. grapes are not even my favorite.

i have been thinking about some of my favorite foods today… gearing up for t-day:)

hugh’s garlicky mashed potatoes
hugh’s garlicky balsamic vinagrette on green salad
my mom’s cooking…
strawberry rhubarb pie
dilly beans
mozzerella… i like that it’s peelable
brown cow chocolate yogurt
kozy shack chocolate pudding
chocolate cake with chocolate icing
chocolate with orange filling
chocolate anything
orange anything, especially marmalade
most things squash
the yoga institute’s squash, coconut, tofu stew with pomegranate seeds sprinkled
kendra’s persimmon cake recipe
anadama and oatmeal bread
mango and sticky rice
la taqueria’s tacos
tartine’s morning buns with orange peel
smoky heavy bodied red wine
fresh banana bread
fresh guacamole
in summary i like all foods orange, chocolate, green and throw in a little white. a sweet tooth too.

i’m getting hungry. what are your faves?