these are a bit vague and maybe relevant to your lives? i am grateful for these things about myself & work today:
*risk-taking in art even though i’m uncertain
*remembering i’m still learning– playing in the sandbox
*being brave
*staying with the struggle
*holding onto my sense of self
*curiousity about the present
*giving credit for who people are today, forgiving past
*beautiful day ahead
*balancing act
*going up to twin peaks in my mind, looking down we are so little
*finding my own true nature and applauding jenny’s🙂
*pep talks
*lucinda williams on the stereo
*being gentle on myself, did i already say that?
*30th b-day party tonight & letting go of expectations but letting it happen
*wabi sabi: imperfect, turning ugly into beautiful…
and you, what are the little niceities you tell yourself when you wake up and feel tired and overwrought?