i overthink everything, always, and am right now, but i’m just going to for a moment lay down why i blog.

i blog to show that art making doesn’t happen in a vaccuum.

i blog to show my work in progress and get feedback.

i blog because everyone else’s blogs INSPIRe me and i want to participate.

i blog to look back on my blog and see growth, remind myself.

i blog because i need a place to put dissparate thoughts.

i blog because it’s immediately gratifying.

i blog because i’m a big dork.

i blog because i don’t have a TV and am addicted to the screen.

i blog because it’s funny to have hugh tease me about my blogging habit.

i blog because i have a bit of ADD and it fulfills that jumping around and visiting people, on my own time.

i blog because it takes me a while to process and it’s another outlet of expression.

i blog because there is a cool little niche of creative people i would have never met.

i blog because i’m incubating some ideas right now {some call it procratinating}.