happy new year! i hope yours were filled with happiness and celebration! i for one worked new year’s eve (and made big bucks!) and rode in a limo home sipping champagne, so i cannot complain!

i took a much needed break from makin’, bloggin’ and photo takin’ these past few weeks. ahh! i missed all my favorite reads, but it was a necessary rejuvenation and allowed me to get a big picture perspective. isn’t that what the new year is about, too? ultimately upon reflection i realized~ i am so fortunate. my health, my family, my home, my love, my life is all that i wish for with some serious tweaking of the finer points.

i spent the holidays in my hometown of Kittery Point, Maine with trips to NYC during the transport strike! to visit with my bestest childhood friend, Boston with my newly engaged sister! and Vermont to see my extended family.

now back home i am busy coming up with lists of goals and opportunities during this 2 week break before school begins. i dyed my hair burgandy-plum and have been purging bags, shoes and jackets galore. Hugh and i have been watching the BBC series of “the Pride & Prejudice” with Colin Firth and rented episodes of “Lost”– quite a combo!

this morning it is another rainy day of tea drinking and cleaning. my studio is a wreck! above is a picture of my new tea strainer from my step-dad (he surprised me after i had said i loved it while x-mas shopping!). and truly it is perfect in my eyes….

go here to see more handmade or special gifts received, including a few cards from kim, shash and tania! thank you all, you made my day. tania also made me an amazing mix that i’m listening to repeatedly right now! which reminds me, is anyone else up for a cd exchange by jan 15th? i have a few takers…. please email me at matimcd@hotmail.com if you too would like to participate:)