yes, exactly one year ago i started this here little blog with a little ditty about the bear corduroy! tania,stef and sabrina were the first to “comment” before i even knew how that worked! thank you. i had no idea how much it would mean to me. i have felt supported, empowered and kept accountable and inspired by this communication device known as le blog.

truth be told, i’m feeling a bit crizappy today. i worked at the restaurant until midnight last night and biked my sore bones home and it honestly felt a bit toxic in dynamics, and i know i need to find a new more fulfilling less drama job. i wish i could just be an illustrator and artist full-time and that is the bigger picture goal that i just need to keep taking the steps towards. it is rainy. i am pineing for some female companionship in a warm cafe over tea. i have a to-do list to face, mostly self-imposed… gosh, i really do put an insurmountable pressure on myself. sometimes so much so, that nothing can really be enough. i need to adopt some new mantras for myself.

1) be nice to yourself; treat yourself like you would treat a friend
2) just do it– co-opt nike…sometimes i’m so bok bok chicken about applying for things i really want
3) harness jealousy of others successes into my own role models and a place for curiousity at how they got there… this idea came to me when reading stef’s poetic post… why am i jealous, it means that i want *this* and *that* and that translates into a dream.
4) follow through
5) small bites and timelines and reward self appropriately for hard work done!

i think i should re-visit some of the wonderful creative resource books i scoured over when i first started this path. you all know the ones, but i think i will add to my website a creative resource list.

off to the studio my little chickadees. thank you for sharing in my path. xoxo