i have a lot of areas of focus in my art career that i want to move forward with and i thought that i need some excitement around pursuing them, and as i mentioned before small do-able bites with due dates and mini rewards. my school starts tuesday so there is quite a lot i want to get offa my plate before then.

* FINISH 5 PAINTINGS: by this sunday to show to my kid’s book critique group.
* CONTACT & SHOW PORTFOLIO: to galleries/coffee shops/potential show places before tuesday.
* CROSS 5 things OFF my to-do list next to my computer: miscellaneous stuff and follow-up by friday night
* FIND 5 JOBS that EXCITE me and apply (even consider places that aren’t necessarily hiring, but make me feel a spark) by tuesday
* APPLY to 5 more that fit the bill by tuesday…
* FIND 5 PEOPLE whom i ADMIRE, whom i don’t already know in person, and write to them. on-going.
* JUST DO 5 things that intimidate me every day. be BRAVE!
* FIND 5 PROMOTIONAL websites for illustration and put my stuff on it by tuesday. (any suggestions for free ones?)
* Update my WEBSITE: find 5 websites I like and figure out why
* APPLY for illustration scholarship/ contest… look into 4 other contests, scholarships, grants for 5 total! by February 1
* UPDATE 5 paintings on my etsy shoppe
* PAINT 5 paintings by the end of next week for school show!

What are your 5?

Now I need to think of 5 rewards: I’m thinking haircut, pedicure, spa time, new jeans, frye boots… pampering is so nice:)