Found on la Vie en Rose and Little Somethings… I’m changing it to 5, not to out do, but because there is a trend here!

5 jobs you’ve had in your life:
1) All through highschool at Bob’s Clam Hut scooping ice cream and punching onion rings
2) Landscaping job at public garden, lots of deadheading flowers and the best forearms I’ve ever had
3) Volunteer recruiter at Homeless Organization
4) Admin at Art Law Firm
5) Waitress extraiodinaire

5 movies you could watch over and over:
1) Emma ( I just bought it, my first owned movie)
2) Amelie
3) Waiting for Guffman
4) Anything with Mark Ruffalo (my movie star crush)
5) Most with Parker Posy

5 places you’ve lived:
1) Kittery Point, ME
2) St. Paul, MN
3) Bogota, Colombia
4.) Jamaica Plain, Boston
5) Oaxaca, Mexico
(in that order and now SF of course!)

5 TV shows you love to watch:
1) Sex in the City
2) Lost
3) The Sapranos
4) Desperate Housewives
5) “What Not to Wear”… with my sister

Four places you’ve been on vacation:
1) All over Spain
2) Nova Scotia
3) New Orleans
4) New Mexico
5) New York City (got an N thing going)

5 websites you visit daily:
All of them on my sidebar!

5 of your favorite foods:
1) squash curry soup
2) lasagna
3) salmon
4) vietnamese pho
5) anything chocolate

5 places you’d rather be:
1) Mexico in a cabana in Tulum
2) Paris… I’ve never been
3) hanging out with my best friends for tea and pastries
4) somewhere where there is no hammering… our life for the past few months with the studio construction
5) Point Reyes with Hugh

5 albums you can’’t live without:
1) Beth Orton
2) Ben Harper
3) Calexico
4) M. Ward
5) currently Sufjan Stevens

5 Vehicles I’ve owned:
1) Bianchi bike that got stolen during class 2001
2) Replacement purple bike my boss gave me that got stolen 2002 in front of cafe
3) Black cheapo bike whose wheels got stolen in front of my house and rendered it useless and more expensive to fix 2005
4) Currently riding Hugh’s extra bike (cross my fingers it doesn’t get stolen!) with a flower basket in front
5) Dream Schwinn bike is next:)