i did something brave and scary tonight: the brazilian butt lift workout at my gym.
i should have known by that title. there were about 10 of us, all pros and me the first time. all shimmery spandex (seriously, my teacher had on aqua with netting and was very SHE-RA) and me in drab grey cotton. i am so out of shape, i didn’t even know it! i have been on a work out kick since new years… yesterday i lifted weights for the first time in years. today the brazilian (not that kind!).
it is working… i lost 5 lbs of holiday flub in 2 weeks. 5 is my magic number! another 5 to go and i will buy brazillian butt jeans. actually aren’t brazilians the ones that get butt implants?!
so humbling to be so jello-ish. i realized that it’s good to be pushed! when i’m on that there little eliptical machine with “project runway” in front, i’m kind of zoning out and not sweating much. tonight i sweated and then some.
it’s not fair though really, when i was in the locker room everyone from my class came in and they were all speaking portugese! they ARE really brazillian!
now i will just go lay down and have hugh cook.