I found this written in big graphite letters in a journal that i stumbled upon today from my past, quite necessary words for me to hear now & always. I remember being 25 years sitting on my checkered floor kitchen in Jamaica Plain, MA trying to pull myself together and decide whether or not going to SF, CA. There was no REAL reason i.e. no job, school, boy, but just a magnetic pull out here.

“Fear not what the future may bring– EMBRACE your heart & consciousness. Always and forever have trust in yourself and your intuition. Build character, not barriers within yourself. LOVE WIDE & STRONG NOW”.

Mati Rose McDonough, age 25 writing to my 30 year old self… I really like the wide and strong part of loving. Maybe an idea for a painting?

I’m filling out papers today to be legit in my illustration and art biz! Yipee! Mati Rose McDonough Illustration, Mati Rose Illustration or Mati McDonough Illustration?