i just realized i’m totally pms-ing. i’m not very wise to recognizing it, but then a moment ago i was eating a mango and it was delicious and perfect (i was so glad i waited for it to ripen) and i want to write poetry about it and it was dripping all down my arms and i started crying. crying at it’s sherbert orange color and taste that grows on a tree and that i’m so happy i’m the type of person who lets mangos drip wide open and messy. then it started making sense that it was that time. i’m not disregarding these feelings, just feeling weepy and overly sensitive than my usual sensitive self.

in addition to letting mangos drip, i’m also the type of person who will pick rice crackers off of the floor and eat them (even if it’s been there awhile). and also the type of person who will roll around in the sand at the beach and then go to bed with out rinsing it off and then sleep in a sandy bed! after i garden i like to keep the dirt under my fingernails for a while too. i don’t mind paint either. i’ll wear the same sweater for weeks. i’m also not at all squeamish about food… i’m always in the clean plate club even if it’s slop. i can’t wait for children and fingerpainting and smearing of peanut butter on their faces. or maybe i can, since H and i are already so messy! am i grossing you out? do you want to have dinner at my house? ha ha