nora dino
nora beetle boots

meet my niece ( i was going to say hugh’s niece, but we’re getting married so i’ll be an official auntie soon!). don’t you want to be her? dress like her? she is holding thorn on the left and red on the right. you might think red is on the left, but red is red because of his eyes. kids are excellent. i want to learn more from them.

niece nora or nu-nu as the family calls her is very wise. once her aunt nina asked her: “what is your favorite time of day?” her answer was something like, “it is now when i am here”. baba nu-nu speaks:)

blessings to little kids, imaginations, play time and returning to that place of play and wonder. yes, that is why i like painting. i create my own little worlds that i get to play with all the time!

** i am also grateful for meeting up with shash this morning from me cozy! i never would have thought to meet such interesting, thoughtful, supportive, creative people over the internet, but here you are. thank you shash! i love your haircut, your kindness, your listening, your smile, your style, your musical tastes and your calmness in person:)