OK, i did this before, but how can i resist after being tagged by 2 of my inspirations: penelope & jen gray! i’m sure i’ll come up with different answers by adding my own twist:

Four (most recent) jobs I’ve had:
curator, i like this title!
artist, this one too:)
assistant at uc berkeley graphic design

Four Movies I could (used to watch every day after school with my sister) watch over and over:
my american cousin
ruthless people
the girls of summer with justine bateman singing
saved by the bell special… can hardly call this a movie!
(right, jesse?)

Four Places I’ve Lived (for 3-6 months):
road tripping from the east to the west coast via the south
block island, rhode island
oaxaca, mexico
bogota, colombia

Four TV Shows I Love (to watch tv at the gym–i actually don’t own one):
project runway
tyra banks show
anything fluffy

Four Places I’ve Vacationed (with my family that start with N):
north dakota
new orleans
nova scotia
new jersey shore

Four of my Favorite Dishes (that i will eat today):
my mom’s granola
yam sandwhich at atlas cafe maybe
red wine (at the art openings tonight… food, no?)
lasagna at kaden & monika’s house!

Four sites I visit daily:
Wish Jar
Me Cozy
La Vie en Rose
and many more! ps. did you notice i alphabitized and added more of you? and sadly deleted some who hadn’t updated in over 6 months, i still love you, it’s just… you know… frusturating to keep checking and you are not there!

Four Places I’d rather be right now (by myself):
the yucutan on the beach lying in a hammock
at anthropolgie having a free shopping spree
roaming the streets of paris and stopping in the cafes for an au lait and croissant
big sur at a little b&b with my favorite books and a hot tub with a view

Four Bloggers I’m tagging:
Jenny of True Nature
Amanda of Frenchtoastcake
Meredith of Monstertown
Risa of Muerto de Risa