My bf from childhood Bekah sent me this card the other day with this written on the back:

…the cowgirl symbolizes everywoman as she moves through life in quest of self, meaning, happiness, friendship and love. The cowgirl finds in the world around her and within herself the courage and strength she needs to meet life, and all life’s unexpected twists and tangles with laughter and hope. This cowgirl is intense, creative being bravely in search of inspiration and adventure. ~ written about Donna Howell-Sickles’ artwork

I feel that about us all.

Jessie, my other bestfriend from college is currently in town, well SF is her town, but she’s on sabatical in New Mexico. She better move back;) So good to see her last night. Grounding hugs from her little body. Her graduation is on the same day that we are planning our wedding and it makes me want to cry, but it will work out somehow. The last time we met up it was in LA with her family whom i adore, for a cowboy/girl wedding which was excitingly held at Gwenyth Paltrow’s family home. (Whom I happen to think is beautiful and talented and like the name Apple– so don’t go there! hee.) But I digress, Jessie and I have a history of cowgirl hats… on our road-trip from the east coast to our eventual life here in SF, we were all about finding the perfect hat. We got ours somewhere in Texas, of course, and wore it basically every day thereafter until we got urban. It was perfect.

I have since lost that hat, but still feel so grateful to be so involved in Jessie and Bekah’s lives–2 of my many cowgirls. For a year we all were roomates and I was the luckiest girl (except for the hellish downstairs neighbor). I’m cheezing out and oddly it is very early– 6:30 am for me, but I am so fortunate for these 2 cowgirls. And all my others who share this adventure! xoxo