hello there,

i ‘ve listed new original paintings in my suspect shoppe for the big love day. xoxo. lots of little birds… peep!
here is one of my favorite… a lil’ owl that fits in the palm of your hand.
also this little guy that hugh called dibs on. i called it you i (eye) love… and i do love H.
i also have a few in this vein… i love the silkscreen layering of images on little canvases. each is one of a kind and made with love.
sabrina bird

thank you for posting images on your blogs when you you buy my art, it means so much to me! here is one from Server Girl and another from Kelly from Soul. please do let me know if and when you post, and i’ll be sure to link you~you guys make me glow:D i’m loving the emoticon action here;>O