there is nothing better than coming home from a weekend away with friends with a new perspective on home. it occured to me as i walked down to the russian river {barefooted all the way down to the landing where the squishy mud stuck between my toes} that i need to be outside more! smell the grass, roll around in it and feel the weight of the earth beneath me, take walks with out a purpose, feel the sunshine… ahh so good. this realization also comes during a time of extreme busyness with an upcoming show, school and a part-time job search. i’m going to take a week off of blogging and rededicate that time to walking around the block, or up to bernal hill with a friend or to dolores park with my notebook. i will miss y’all this week, but enough time is spent for me in front of the computer! basta!

please check back in a week and i’ll have new work to show:)

see more glimpses of our weekend here.