CCA show
the frenzy leading up to a show has taken over. last night i just could not paint. i made a delicious dinner of polenta, asparagus and salad. had some white wine and watched a bad movie: “domino”, about the model, bounty hunter domino harvey and very violent. i think somebody has a crush on keira knightley (hugh) and she is 20? admittedly beautiful.

after this thursday, i am excited to:

update my website (for real!)
eat balanced- cook!
decrease caffiene
do our taxes (not really excited, but necessary evil!)
update shoppe
work on promotional booklet
silk-screen shirts
start a website design for best friend’s jewlery biz
make a wedding invite for same
plan a vacation… i’m dreaming italy
plan a revamped wedding for selves
be on top of homework!
clean my studio:)
get a good, creative, fun part-time job