my friend christina, co-artist for tomorrow night’s show, and i went show-shopping today.

anthropologie and H&M make this girl’s &hearts flutter (isn’t this universal?)

i am one to wear hand-me down’s, thrift and the same brown dress (albeit adorable) to 9 weddings in a row, so it was a real splurge for me to buy a dress from anthro. if not now, then when does a girl dress up? i’m not going to spoil the fun and post a pic of the dress i bought, but it is subdued charcoal & simple.

here was one i almost got, very miami seeming:
i almost bought
and another whose pattern combos i pined for:
i love the mish mash of pattern

i also scored a few baubles from H&M- beautiful enamel teal earrings that i’ll probably wear tomorrow night.

i also met my class at the cartoon art museum and picked up this great yeti journal with cd inside. i’m gonna go listen & finish up my paintings!