the beehive jumping for joy (taken by Stephen Ingalls):
Beehive jumping for joy post-show
Pretty in pink Christy:
Pretty Pink Christy
Adorable matchy red Kate & Eric:
Red Kate & Eric
Me & sAb, my favorite flower arranger and so gourgeous (taken by Kevin Trexler):

YAY! i am so happy with how our show turned out! so many of my dear friends made the effort in the rain to stop on by. the band king city is my favorite (we want them to play at our wedding!), and it was just all around a fun party. i think that’s what the best of an art show can be is an excuse to get people together for free wine, music and visual intrigue. it seemed not even about the art… althought that in itself was a feat! i do feel a teeny bit unresolved in that i’m feeling my art is becoming strange and less accessible to the non-artist? who knows?! a transition and maybe it’ll come round again. it’s definately a growing process…