are you bloggin me?hugh cooked up some mean huevos & avocado & spinach this weekend. he is such a good cook (i always like to give him props so he’ll keep cooking for me!). he also made incredible lentil soup sunday:) here he is… “are you blogging me?” say his cute exasparated eyes.

we had a busy weekend of a sweet babyshower for hugh’s sister amy & husband ivor, starting the taxes, movie=libertine with johnny depp (and sadly not such a fan of this flick), sopranos!, illustration assignment & filling in at the restaurant.

keri's chart!
keri’s chart arrived in the mail!!! so excited to start tracking my pms… anyone who reads this must gather that i’m sensitive, i’m gonna own up to that! get your own chart here🙂

now, it is post-show and all those little things i was postponing (aka job search, taxes, homework, ya know… life).

if anyone has anything motivating to say about pumping yourself up for a job search, bring it on!