maggie dayton
i thought instead of obsessing about art, i should share some that i’ve created. i had a bad day of not getting much intended painting done, but i actually do like the melancholy aspect of this piece of a girl named maggie dayton, based on my friend’s band “the church animals”. i think it’s the rain that is making me feel blue. go away rain! and taxes. and a job search. and feeling confused about school path.

tonight is a soup night, i must track some down.

it is also a night for girly comforts borrowed from hugh’s sisters:
the complete volume of sex & the city
the A&E pride and predjudice (again!)

and mint chip (soy for my boy) ice cream
cozyness… we skipped out on a concert tonight of “the national” b/c we are getting old and they are not playing until 11pm!
and blogging to my heart’s content