all week i wanted to participate in mav’s show us your art theme, but i have stock-piled it for today!

i love that art represents beauty, but also memories of travels and specific moments and friends. i also like the idea of making art accessible to everyone… for the love of places like etsy! and being creative with what one calls art.

i snapped pictures all over my house and perhaps will do a walk through of select pieces through the rooms of our home, what fun for me!

in the study:
this piece was salvedged from a flowershop that was going out of business when i first moved to SF, before i even had an apartment and was staying with my friend Ben. i remember walking down the streets post bikram yoga {the sweaty kind} in the tenderloin {which is i believe is named such because it was where policemen could make the big bucks to buy the tenderloins… aka bring home the bacon? am i making this up? well that said, it’s one of the seediest hoods in the city} and this man was selling everything from the shop, and i asked, “including the sign?”, he repllied “come back tomorrow and it’s yours”. sure enough i did and i bought this treasure of mine for $33 and took it away in a cab, much to my friend Ben’s chagrin.
tenderloin petals

sabrina gave this to me on my big 29th b-day i threw for myself {a first}, complete with live music of friends and delicious food by my chef friend kate. it says, “she came to dream of a home with two, she didn’t know how, but she did anyway, as you go. buid. dream. journey. make. pretend. believe. ask for help”.

in our living room:
hugh’s art, later made into a poster for the pixies. lucky to have an artist boyfriend, for sure.
hugh d'andrade

amazing andrew schoultz’s art that i bought at a benefit for another amazing artist ray patlan who was raising $ for heart surgery. i bought this when i worked at an art law firm on balmy alley and andrew was always in front of the office painting on this mural.
andrew schoultz

from a favorite japanese book i picked up for $1 and always refer to called “Little Pictures of Japan”. it says:
The Skyrockets
The voice of the rockets,
Then the flash!
japanese print

we like pairing vintage toys, mexican skulls, old letters… plus all of our art books to make an art shelf:

an old architectural drawing of the brooklyn bridge that is long enought to stretch the distance of our small olive couch. found at the thrift:
brooklyn bridge

in the kitchen:
hugh did this design for louie barletta’s skateboard and shoes! it hangs high above our kitchen door.
hugh d'andrade

my friend amanda herman’s triptych of mexican fair pictures high above our cupboards… i love the cotton candy. amanda and i traveled in mexico when in college and visited her brother/my ex chris in the Yucutan. my own pictures from that time are SO good because i had her along with her photographer’s eye.

in the bathroom:
a poster from my whim of a trip to my favorite city in the world Barcelona, my first tix purchased with frequent flyer miles! i was living in Boston and had just begun dating my ex Eliot and asked him if he wanted to take a trip with me and he was game! he was also a great traveling companion because he was an architect and interested in Gaudi and we went up to Bilbao to see the Guggenheim
piscina familia

Mexican skeletons from when hugh and i lived in oaxaca, mexico for a few months… i love these:
mexican skeletons

for my bedroom go here!

thank you for letting me indulge in these rich memories… i feel like i just traveled back in time and to all of those beautiful places and moments and re-met ex-loves and friends.

i am grateful for this journey.