you are beautiful
believe it!
~grateful for yesterday and the glorious sun after so many days of miserable rain.
~grateful for my new studio space that makes me feel like a teenager… i am so loving the privacy of my very own space! my studiomates can attest that i have even been bringing in my meals and making the studio smell like hamburgers (which was really BBQ chicken), opps!
~grateful for a wonderful show last night and feeling proud of my friends and artists beth & tom!
~grateful for a new job and other opportunities that keep abounding.
~grateful for a new baby lily in our family and the hopes of easter-time with the wee one.
~grateful for mail that makes me feel beautiful and music to do my work to. thank you!
~grateful for a clean house and full fridge.
~grateful for a plate of fresh mozzerella, basil and tomatoes on the back steps yesterday.
~grateful for my handmade goodies from the alternative press exp (APE) that line my inspiration board.
~grateful for solid communication with my partner.
~grateful for 2 weeks of sticking to no-carb action with my sister. hello skinny strong sister!
~grateful for running and training for a 10K with 2 of my best friends up north. i’m so excited to see you kara b if you read this!
~grateful for these words, at the risk of sounding like a total self-help geek, i love this idea of choosing your own adventure:
“you are a guardian of your spirit, mind, and body, the curator of your soul and identity, and the keeper of your dreams. The choice is yours. The rights, privileges, and responsibilities of ownership to you because this is Your Life”.