rocks in boots

i drew this during finals and painted it in with photoshop. practicing my coloring skills. i feel quite opposite about the possiblities now and have shifted my mind, and am fully settling into my summer mode.

my best friend bekah and i used to always label our summers “TS” for This Summer and concoct elaborate plans of remaking my parents attic into an artist studio and how we’d have a painting area (mine) and jewlery making section (hers), but then we’d realize the attic was hotter than hell and filled with boxes, and that tanning on my roof was more immediately satisfying. as we would bake in the sun we would talk about how that was so LS (last summer) and how NS (next), we were really going to reach our goals.

it’s neat how in some ways we have met them. i do have a little painting studio now, and bekah just sent me some amazing jewels she made in her brooklyn mini-studio that i will soon post and boast about. and sooner yet, i will start planning out her website design so y’alls can buy them!

i realize i do have a certain mind set about the goals of summer. everything seems possible in june, july and august. vacation, saving $ (i like how i put these 2 next to each other!) art shows, book publishing, losing weight, getting in great shape, reading lots of books, parties, gardening to my hearts content, doing yoga daily… is it because the days are longer and the summer air rejuvenates or merely a leftover mindset from childhood and free time? what are your dreams TS? how do you want to spend your leisure time?

i want to do a lot of last night. we had a date and walked up to noe valley where there is an abundance of cuteness in shops and babies and people watched and ate some valrhona chocolate gelato. i’ve never uttered this before, but perhaps it is too chocolatey and rich! impossible.