lunch in the backyard

rainbow shirts

hello my friends,

i really feel like i am making gigantic leaps of understanding in the last few days. i’ve had an incredible combination of working really hard at school, having a mini-break away with friends i’ve known for 12 years and know me to the core, meeting up with newer friends from art school who share my art dreams and now a bit of a break in it all to process it all.

it is time for me to catch up with who I AM. REALLY seeing who AM I today. who is Me, Mati? presently. enjoying this. I am quoting someone else here, but I am “moving out of a world of other people’s projections and finding new labels for myself”.

out with the OLD: laxidaisical, dreamer, passive, head in the clouds, out to lunch, quiet, flexible, loose boundaries, small, financially struggling with not a lot to offer…

TODAY: organized, creative, resourceful, engaged, emotionally available, with my own opinions, tall, authentic, an ARTIST, empowered, accepting, imperfect, strong sense of self, growing, capable, dreamer and goal oriented, worthy and have so much to offer in this world (and some salty tears streaming down my face as I write this and come to realize how many false irritating labels I carry, and why?)

I really want to connect with my own voice. my own passion. i really want to be engaged and present with who I am today and discard the rest. stop working so hard towards the future and harness my yoga lessons of being present in TODAY and the rest will follow. Today I am grateful for myself and this understanding and for you and this bloggy place to foster these realizations.

how about them apples? Who are YOU today? What do you want to discard? !Viva!