self-p accept
after i wrote the last post i geared up for a run and decided, y’know what, in the process of learning to accept, know and like myself more… even in the worst morning drudgery and pre-run. sorta shy at first and then, hey this is ME. i’m only going to get older…

mascara, hair down and pretty costume can only improve upon this, but i think i like the t-shirt sleeve handmade shirt by me too.

last night i told this older woman i liked her look. she was being taken out for mom’s day. flamenco skirt. hair in 2 buns… long & gray. embroidered roses on her vest. tall. strong. lean. very georgia o’keefe. smiling in her body.

i want to picture clip more of these role models of older beauty. my mom’s included with her no-makeup, simple clothes, beautiful mom’s day earrings by queenthings, grayish blonde illuminated hair, gardening hands… you are my mom and i am part of you. happy mom’s day again. and again.