i’ve been sick the last few with a flu.
today i feel well enough to go to my studio, i think.
i went to acupuncture for the first time yesterday.
i think it helped. he said i need to eat more leafy greens.
now i have a sty in my eye tho. pretty cute.
i’m annoyed that i’ve “wasted” these last few days and haven’t created.
maybe that is my body telling me to SLOW down. forcing me.
i was so full of ideas and inspiration last week and now i’m a blank slate.
i think i’m going to retreat from the internet and blogs for the rest of the week (looking at it makes me feel overwhelmed and has me playing a comparing game).
kind gestures from lolo in the form of: chocolat, benny & joon and lost in translation.
books of energy and retreats left on my doorstep by sab.
vietnamese pho, mango sorbet, genmaicha tea have been highlights.
time for me to get back to what my ideas and authentic voice is. no more gathering.
time to just be in the moment, less scheming for the future.
what makes me feel most alive today?