big boy
i just noticed that i must be digging these two shades of red & blue lately!

last night i went on a cleaning binge of our kitchen– deep cleaning hits me infrequently, so i really have to drop everything else and run with it! i decided that my kitchen’s aesthetic is mexican meets maine 50’s style farmhouse with some 70’s style cupboards thrown in. a bit schizo, but it works.

i watched an important movie last night: the smartest guys in the room about the enron catastrophe. have you seen it? it is so educational. i was pissed by the end, especially in light of living in california and our jacked up energy bills. rent it peeps! it explains so much and reinforces why we need to create our lives with integrity (i just erased a huge rant here).

here’s my doily elephant in progress that i mentioned earlier. my kid’s book critique group thinks i should hand-write the lettering (on the animals way down below). do you agree? i have fairly nice handwriting despite the awkward way i hold my pencil.