hello my friends,

i’ve had a tiny hiatus here with a flurry of social activities and groundedness to fill up my days. good family friends visiting from maine to show around to the pirate store and a bite at beloved tartine bakery, an inspiring brunch for streetside stories which teaches kids to write amazing stories that my lovehugh illustrates the covers of, celebrating our friend jackson’s b-day (we gave our friend sean the new nickname jackson, like fast action, as a b-day prez) at an Afghan(i) restaurant way the heck out in fremont, dinner with neighbors and serious foodies last night who traveled around the world and shared stories, gardening lessons and eternal gratitude to my friend and studio mate laurel, a good run up to bernal with my other studio mate & friend sabrina, selling those clothes i had hanging around to the thrift store, setting up the next show of my friend ali’s at triptych. and so much more!

here are a couple of cute shots of cuter people in cute shirts.

debbie beehive with a shirt by me:
debbie beehive

little viv in a shirt by hugh:
little viv

and these squirrel paintings that were rescued from the dumpster by lolo that hugh threw away! what was he thinking? so cute. that is sweet laurel hiding and beyond her is her incredible studio tree in yellow:
lolo & squirrels