doily installation
monday= white for this week of color. the color white is a stretch for me. i bought these doilies at a yardsale this weekend, actually they were in the free box (score!) and laid them in the middle of my floor and didn’t move them until just now. i am making painting with them outside with toxic fumes~and feeling a bit high from them! anywho, hugh and i were laughing that we are the types of people who just leave doilies on our floor for days and walk over them. our landlords checked our house this weekend in prep for an inspector and they too just stepped over them without a word. thankfully they are also creative types!

i am lisa’s camp on this one: neutrals smuetrals. maybe it has to do with living in our colorful neighborhood the mission and sf, or maybe part of why we choose to live here because we like the intensity of bright saturated colors. speaking of which i finally got to meet miss lisa c! it is so lovely when you meet someone from the blog world and they are even more amazing in person… so much depth and immediate connection and intrigue with lisa. felt like old friends. and such a great smile and laugh in person. i hope to see more of you!

i feel i’m getting a bit of carpal tunnel and am going to try to proceed with the week of color when inspired, but maybe not much typing this week.