red drinks
strawberry & milk makes the most beautiful color.
red&blue frutas
sold a block from mi casa ( a lot of blue too).
red blue
red paint
fences near my house~ i love how the mis-matched paint looks that covers up grafitti and the grafitti itself sometimes.
red glitter
glitter on the ground outside of the red poppy art studio.
red striped girl sucking popsicle
little girls walking behind their grandma. the one in pink/red is slowly concentrating on her popsicle. they were at the taco truck before and we were on the same path a few times.

i’m belated in the color game hosted by mav/arc & stephanie. andrea is hosting another week~ right up my alley with a late party!

i had the best weekend, despite the fact that weekends are generally my work days… and monday is my saturday! my sweet artist family visited from peak’s island maine and we went to our friend mona’s very RED mural opening on saturday and then ate ice cream. sunday i lazed around with hugh and caught up with my friend megan over vietnamese. we went to the debut of a short documentary called “Kaden” featuring my adorable, brave and inspiring Kaden in the LGBT film fest. YAy for that.

i hope you’re all well.