creative pool on the sidewalk!
thanks for your sincere comments… sometimes i write and i don’t know who my audience is and i always love reading what you pick up from my words and peeking back at your blogs.

i went for a walk this morning and hiked up to bernal hill. sweat pouring down me. wearing shorts and i don’t wear shorts, short pants, but not above the knee. but it is that HOT. i am loving that fullness of summer heat that is rare here. i’m not going to go into a tangent on global warming, but it is weird to be experiencing this tropical heat.

it is very grounding to exercise first thing outside by oneself. i always am inspired by shariand her walks and maps.

i struggle so much with routine. i actually had a revelation today that i do really think that i have adult ADHD. seriously. it explains so much of my scattered focus. i am developing tools to overcome it visually with creating my very own dream date book… i hope to share this with you. i bound my first draft on monday and am overjoyed with how much it helps me be present because i know my outboard brain is written down. still, my friend suggested that i might be ADHD and then i read about it and it resonates so fully. the upswing is the feeling of constant stimulus, but i’m tired of struggling with focus and the idea that others might not…. wow.

are your days like this? you go to do the laundry and on the way to getting the detergent you answer the phone and you forget and start washing the dishes and then halfway through remember you were s’posed to email someone and then start responding to all your emails and remember that there was a package you should have sent and you add that trip to the postoffice or a blog to check and then 20 more and then… your day is gone. no art made. flitting about not REALLy accomplishing anything. no clean clothes. half washed dishes. nada. i know it is about creating a structure, a routine of my day and week, a container… i am working on this, but still why can’t i focus on ONE thing at a time.

walks are good and grounding and maybe walking in the morning will be my first step towards clearing my head. above are some brillant blues and creative approaches to summer heat.