what to say?
stairs of bernal

attached is a picture from my walk. i love the stairs of sf so. it’s a treasure to discover all the new ones… and especially the ones with slides incorporated, a real chutes and ladders city we have!

i’ve watched a few dynamic fashionable duos the last few days on the big screen: matthew barney & bjork’s drawing restraint screening at sf moma and bonnie & clyde last night rented.

i enjoyed “drawing restraint” for the fact that it is an art film taken big screen hollywood funds, but at the same time it seemed because of that very fact; over-indulgent. i’m not quite sure about this statement… isn’t all art a bit to some extent?
it was very long and drawn… out. maybe the point. beautiful angles and colors and concept. i’ll have to check out the rest of his exhibit. i remember seeing the creamaster exhibit in nyc with vaseline oozing down and feeling it all so viscerally.

bonnie & clyde is fun, and i’m only part way through because i often fall asleep to movies (just like my mom).

today i spent painting, reading (mind you it is my saturday)… plowed through “art & fear” for a 2nd time (the first time i wasn’t in the right place in my life to digest) and had so many A-HA moments! i am also reading henry miller’s “big sur and the oranges of hieronymus bosch”. i love to read books (so much of my childhood) and i am consciously making an effort to do so instead of running to fashion magazines or people mag (did i admit that? i usually buy the one that is even worse for 1.99) for the quick fix. it requires so much committment and focus for me that i’m trying to build up again and defy my ADHD tendencies. what kills me is that children in an urban environment must never get a good foundation of reading under their belt because there are SO many distractions. thank you harry potter at least.

OK my monday rantings are through.