hello out there,

mmm… i’m drinking freshly brewed hibiscus and peppermint tea and appreciating a cool breeze blowing which is a first in days! i’ve had some good days off of art, friends, more pie… hugh’s just getting better with his craft, and a swashbucklingly fun pirate movie. folks have been asking me what i’ve been up to art makin’ wise and it’s hard to say. i’ve been working on about 10 pieces in a range of sizes simultaneously and cyclically. taking a pause between each to evaluate and get some perspective and then moving on to the next and back again, just like so. they are all works in progress and exploratory right now. i’m letting them have space and room to breathe before school begins again and before pulling together a body of work to apply for my MFA!

here is my studio in all it’s jumbledness:
my studio

a close-up of the big piece in progress:
detail clouds

my inspiration board with a few fellow bloggers work represent (lisa c & meredith):

a little poem sent by my sweet cousin:
i pray to the birds...

small studies:

and other close-ups of WIP:
detail nectarine

detail peachypink