shash of me cozy!
aka shash, lisa s & lisa c… brought the above to dinner. how lucky am i? very.

these 3 are amazing. even more so in person, truly. ahh, to be among artist/crafters/bloggers and able to drop specific references like, “did you see the latest softie by ‘lazy chipmunk'”? i’m only slightly mocking us b/c i loved this part. so much to take in: apple green ceilings. white reindeers poised on a shelf. lisa’s art curated salon style. my dream library of art books propped up everywhere that i wanted to steal, but after considering this impulse i realized…too heavy to lug home and too big to tuck under my shirt. no, i’m not a book thief, but can i come back and read, lisa c?! lisa s’s bright red and blue (a fav color combo!) and beautiful smile (constant). lisa c’s funny storytelling and radness in her apron and sweet tattoos. and yes, those kitties–margaret, barry & little boo– are really as cute as they look on the blog! AND shash, people, will you look at the above picture (described here)? is she not just a vision coolness? i love her green & polka dots to the extreme. soon after this photo, i tried to prop the pillow behind her back without thinking… the service industry will do that to you people. shash, will you come over the 1/2 block and play? you are so close we should get walkie-talkies.

i cannot wait for dinner my house next!