dulce & paperflowers

i’m back from a week spent in my hometown of kittery point, maine! thank you mom, jesse, bekah and everyone who attended the shower in making it an incredibly special and fun day.

i went home to throw a shared bridal shower for my sister jesse who lives in Boston and my best childhood friend bekah who lives in NYC, who have know each since they were 2, and are both getting married this fall. my sister and i met when we were 5 (we are steps) and i also met bekah then and we have all been close since. this just keeps sounding more confusing and like we were meant to be…

things to further confuse:

jesse and bekah share the same birthday: december 15
i am 2 weeks older: december 1st
jesse and i were born in the very same hospital room in: Exeter, NH
if i were a boy i would have been named: jesse!

i’m going to break the pictures up into 2 parts, the first is preparing for the shower which is ALMOSt as much fun as the actual event. i’m process oriented in my art y’ know. so much happiness in group crafting: making paper flowers in one room, floor cloths in the other and preparing martha’s rose sangria and tea sandwiches simultaneously.

above is the prettiest little girl dulce, my sister’s dog, and the paper flowers we made from a past budget living article!

here is hugh painting a floor cloth (like a rug for the kitchen) for bekah… my mom’s concept and bekah was there so was able to art direct. i added a little aqua bird in silouette too. another one was made for jesse with bold flowers and polka dots.
hugh painting a floor cloth

and the 2 brides to be helping out (i know this isn’t typical) making little sandwiches.

jesse, my sister:
jesse making finger sandwiches
bekah, my childhood friend:
bekah making finger sandwiches

more soon xo,