hello friends,

i’ve uploaded the 2nd set of photos from the bridal shower for bekah & jesse here. hello to my lovely family-friends… so many mother and daughters:) i’m noticing that the house was so bright inside, that the photos are a bit dark. anyway, i bought streamers of papel picado (cut paper) and lanterns in the mission before i left in an attempt to make it a fiesta themed shower that you might see bits of.

here are flowers grown in donna & gary’s amazing garden:
gary's flowers

and adorable shoes…nothing better than a cute shoe photos! wasn’t there a quote in “lost in translation”… “every girl goes through a phase of taking pictures of shoes” to paraphrase scarlett. i’m in that phase.
cute shoes

i’m busy busy preparing for school and working… trying to hold onto the feeling of vacation.

tomorrow i get to hang with lisa c! i hope we have some art to show from it…