a quiet little post about writing down what you want to manifest. i found yesterday in big cursive smelly marker handwriting written in a flurry, under all the takeout menus on our fridge, a list of small dreamy things with the heading “real”, instead of the fantasy. in the mix of finals, working doubles and applying to grad school… this feels grounding and grateful.

dance lessons
kittens… meow
one week vacation (check)
new soft sheets (check)

we desparately need dance lessons for our wedding, desparately my friends. not to say we don’t get out on the dance floor and pretend we know what we’re doing in our uncoordinated (i mean MY– hugh is great), but wouldn’t that be fun to surprise everyone with a few fancy moves and seemingly out of no where bust out with a little tango?

the kittens thing is probably shouldn’t happen until we save up for the genetically altered allergy free ones. we are debating taking care of our friends cats for a year while they travel. but i sneeze so much around them! the torture!

one week vacation was written at a time before it seemed do-able. since then i went to maine for a week! and block island and boston to boot. we’re not going back east for x-mas and this makes me sad, but how lucky to have traveled recently, and to have hugh’s fam nearby.

new soft sheets purchased last week. flannel rocks. i don’t know why we didn’t do that sooner. i thought you had to save up and buy expensive 1,000 thread sheets, but those have failed us by ripping and being too silky. we had to wrestle them constantly with saftey pins to stay on the bed. i’m happy to report that our new sheets were only $25 at anna’s linens on mission and make me sleepy just thinking about them.

keep it real folks! xoxo