2007 inspiration
inspiration seen bigger here.

this month marks two years blogging for me:) thank you everyone for being part of my life and journey ahead!

i am still easing into the day… the new year… must switch my calendars…looking at the past and what is to come. i’m eating handfulls of my mom’s cross country granola and remembering yesterday of falling asleep to katherine hepburn (love this
photo) arguing in court. ringing in the new year with a days worth of bingo and window into an artist couples’ life with child (the balance involved!) with newly gifted ethereal paintings for our upcoming wedding. i just finished the book “holy skirts” which took me to berlin-paris-greenwich village and back again with the baroness elsa–introduced to me by the fabulous andrea. the baroness inspires me to dress of found/gifted items today. looking down at my oddly constructed outfit of a faux fur fuzzy vest from jeanine before she sailed around the world, mexican peasant blouse found on the street, paint encrusted splattered jeans, tin can earrings cut into hearts from my mom on christmas, crocheted head scarf rifled from my best friend’s bag of hand-me-downs and a pair of gifted “uggs” from a co-worker moving to barcelona; so comfortable and yet i dislike the associations they carry… perfect for the studio.

in this new year i’m thinking of the upcoming girly show i need to make a schedule for to create in the next five weeks, tackling our wedding list, my part-time job…it made the top 10 in sf and is off the hook busy, dreams of starting a new business involving my own designs, the question of continued education, the newness to create in my studio outside of school and the integration and contradictions of it all. how to make it all work? what is important?

dreaming of travel too. sometimes it is such a hunger for the new that bubbles up. especially after a week of feeling “exhored and borited” as my friend jessie invented for the feeling of being excited to be bored! plus the stomach flu, staying home during the holidays and a dozen movies will do that.

i am craving in this new year: kale, butternutsquash soup, strawberry rhubarb pie, intimate dinner parties with friends, candle light, bubble baths, a new camera with a lense, painting the middle room, an exercise routine, a studio routine, a new shop, a new website, travel plans to india, thailand, italy, argentina or paris please for a honeymoon, NYC before bekah moves, LA for the art show next month, a visit from my little brother, a possible visit to my aunties in minnesota, a working sewing machine, dance lessons, japan town with $ to spend on books, kickboxing, walking partners, creating our wedding invite, designing/finding a dress 1930’s style, fixing my bike or getting one of my hearts desire with a wooden basket and cush seat, getting comfortable driving in a car again and joining city-car-share, spending more time with friends, hugh and family now that school has ended, finding a place to volunteer… maybe grief work with children at josie’s place when it opens, staying inspired with visits to MOMA, de young, yerba buena, asian art museum, 49 geary and galleries beyond… applying for residencies, continuing art collective projects… staying curious, adventureous and appreciative…and writing here regularily as well as real letters.

cheers and wishes to you in this new year!

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thank you,
mati rose