falling asleep on collage

mother and child reunion

Now that I am out of school my focus is to try to get to the “essence of my work”…. connecting my head, heart and hand. My best art is made when I have a little ache in my heart or am caught up in the pure love of color. hello, magenta-orangey-pink against fresh grass green. I am beginning to believe…feel that emotions are at the essence of who we are… the rest is just window dressing. I for one too often ignore my initial emotion in the real world for the sake of professionalism, etc., but in artmaking listen closely. I am loving returning to the privacy of my own studio to get into an uninterrupted zone, inhabit it at wee hours and make it a complete mess…. as long as I don’t go over the blue line that divides mine and hugh’s space. hee.

That said, I decided that I would love to get into Berkeley if that opportunity presented itself… i would be thrilled to work with Squeak Carnwath….but I am deciding officially today to not apply to other MFA programs. Partially due to finances, our upcoming wedding in August, and the fact that I am extremely happy creating in my own studio with a wonderful community of artists… this is what a lot of people look for in grad school anyway. Also, I want to push my work and new directions and try to have more shows! let me know if you hear of anything fun please:)

Plus, I *shockingly* like having time to cook, see friends and returning to the regular scheduled program called life… outside of school.

herd o elefantes

This weekend i went silk-screening with adorable Lisa and made a herd of elefantes to send to my mailing list, along with show announcements. i’m putting ’em in the mail friday @ 3pm west coast time… email me your snail mail addy if you’d like to be added: matimcd at hotmail dot com.

Lisa & I also went to an incredible little show of my teacher i admire named Jason Jagel. check it.