queen bee
and admiring my new queenie… gifted by my dear schoolmate christina (the green is my table). it is cold out & i am hibernating. trying to stay warm. discovering the beauty of books on my shelf, netflix, emusic and flickr.

firstly, hugh’s friend rebecca solnit’s great read “rivers of shadows” focusing on photographer edward muybridge and sf during the gold rush.
secondly, “the undressed art: why we draw” which focuses on a studio up in noe i’ve drawn at over the years.
thirdly, netflix brings me a great film called Art:21: Art in the 21st century with an interview with barry & margaret, check it out lisa c.if you haven’t already!
fourthly, emusic rocks (ha) for indie music! i just downloaded some music for my studio: julie doiron and then remembered dear jennysent me a cd of hers long ago!
my flickr… getting way into uploading photos and organizing sets:) starting a sketch a day inspired by lisa s’s drawing a day.

some link friend love:
paz de la cazada… i love the gold shoes.
beautiful amanda models for miele fresca… whose shirts i crazy about.

and last, but not leastly…make a cradle! my friend jessie is helping to organize this. They are looking for artists to make 1,000 cradles to fill a warehouse in New Mexico.
“The Cradle Project is an art installation designed to represent the plight of the estimated 48 million children who have been orphaned by disease and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa”

Be well xo,