thank you everyone for de-lurking! what a creative inspiring bunch. very exciting to meet you!

i want to play with shash🙂

red ribbon

the top pic i took on a sunny afternoon in my new fuzzy light blue bathrobe that i bought for myself for christmas, after i rigged up my always falling down blinds to allow sun in the photo shoot. the b&w photo was just gifted by my recent houseguest and one of my best friend’s/college roomates kara (smooching in pic & i am next to her) taken by her husband at our other best friend kate’s wedding 2 years ago. i always feel grounded after seeing both kara & kate since they have known me since we were 18 (waiting for our picture id’s at college & in line for a root beer float). with old friends so much changes, but you fall back into the same easy dynamic. we always laugh about how poor we were in college living on our monthly paid workstudy jobs– we went way beyond ramen noodles–to the extent that we developed some gourmet meals from the dumpster behind the bakery (true. we were like santa claus with our big ol’ garbage bags slung over our shoulders filled with day old pumpkin muffins handing them out at the student union like it was the biggest treat). seriously folks we made this one classic meal of peanut butter & spaghetti sauce. another of carmalized onions… onions are hecka cheap. and one that no one else would touch of tofu egg salad… a little bit of tofu & a little bit of mustard and there you have it. i’m laughing as i write this because we were so poor and scrounging for food, yet so chubby cheeked. how did that happen?! must’ve been all that pb.

yet i digress. the sparkly ring is from my sister and all the bridemaids wore them to her recent wedding. the seaglass i’ve accumulated over the years in maine. and the beautiful itty bitty photo of a cathedral in milan is from jenny who i’m so pleased just started up her blog again after a hiautus. the pink flowered box is where i keep my quarters for laundry.

the 2nd photo also reminds me of my girlfriends in that we went shopping in north beach last week and i may have found my wedding dress! my mom already deemed me picky, but really i’m just not into poufy. i like martha stewart in small doses, but prior to this weekend i was a little bit sick to my stomach when people asked about my dress ideas or god forbid colors….. etc. after dress trying on, we went to this little vintage store where i bought this lovely silk red ribbon from france that perhaps i would like to wrap flowers with at our wedding (something old?). i’m thinking a little bit frida kahlo mixed in with china town lanterns and wildflowers, mason jars and simple inexpensive elegance with no strict formalities. the “m” was also from the same store, and i bought 2 k’s for kara & kate from a man with kindest eyes and beautiful vintage treasures to behold. as i was taking this photo i remember eating soup and pulling out the bay leaves… at least 5 that had gathered in the last of it.

i’m also having a love affair with my flickr. organizing sets, creating new ones and trying to do a sketch daily (which is easier to do than scan & post!:
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