my cecilia necklace and my new apron dress
i admit it, i have not been in the studio all week long! i remember leaving it a little war zone with scraps of fabric, paper, paint all gnarled up together in one creative explosion.

this past week i have been spring cleaning, purging/trading clothes at the thrift, tackling 3 weeks worth of piled up laundry, getting back to kick boxing and feeling sore & strong, treating myself to a necessary haircut, and a couple cute tops (like this apron one above– i wish i may i wish i might wear one of these every single day of the week), and my new my cecilia necklace pictured, lunch dates with friends… including one with sweet kelly and mariachis playing by our side… and one divine dinner date to celebrate our fifth anniversary! not to mention, movies galore… the painted veil and notes on a scandal… both so gripping! have you seen either? any other recommendations? so many good ones out right now! i still want to see
the queen, hopefully before the oscars!

after finishing school in december and the holidays, i went right into show preparation mode and this is the first real week i’ve had off! a much needed reprieve.

i am still reeling with memories from the girly show… Denise captured my feelings exactly:

“It reminds me of how I felt as a child coming home from Summer camp when all I wanted to do was reminisce through all my pictures and pick up a pen and paper to write all of the new friends I had just made. Remember those days?”

check out the beautiful, professional and extensive photo album she generously put together for us. thank you again!

In reflection, the generosity of this group continues to inspire me. THANK YOU once more to the rest of you incredible ladiesswirly especially for putting hugh and i up in the most generous way! did you see where i put your painting? i also want to draw attention to the work of talented melissa moss (her colors are superb!), amy of posy press (who has probably had her baby by now?!!!) and creative couple extraordinaire christine castro hughes and rama(i have his and christine’s collab wedding invite bookmarked for inspiration, since hugh and i will be collaborating as well!) who i got to spend good times with while in LA:)

exes and ohs,