i miss you big apple.

sally gall's blossoms

highlights: running in the soaking rain with my mom all over chelsea (dragging her to galleries and she feigned interest, thank you for that!), sushi samba… brazilian & japanese fusion, oh my!, wandering brooklyn looking at jewelry with my BFF and feeling inspired, a very sweet maine like cafe called the kitchenette, flights of champagne care of the always generous jesse long, seeing kara who came up from DC for the wedding dress hunt… finding the dress on fifth ave! thank you ladies for all the support!

and i am home. reeling. picking up the pieces, projects, taxes (done!), and making a mess in the studio.

julie evans paintings

artwise… i had a big list going here, but then my computer crashed… seems to keep happening in the middle of a bloggy post… so i leave you with these 2 inspirations above by sally gall’s blossom photos and julie evans’ mandala paintings respectively at the julie saul gallery.

please do also check out my studio mates’ laurel’s skulls and her collab with andy’s of an amazing chandelier made of pills and needles that was at the schroeder romero gallery in NYC… not linking to it bc the site made my computer crash last!