patchwork paintings stacked
patchwork paintings wall
patchwork dress

my newest series of patchwork paintings are on the most beautiful thick handmade wooden panels made by my talented friend taylor. i’ve been terrified of putting paint down on them and recently broke the ice bit by bit… this coincided with a treasure trove of vintage photos from one woman’s life… and my desire to sew quilts on canvas.

i wish i was wearing this dress today and going on an oceanside picnic with some gruyere, olives, pinot and crusty bread with a sketch book in hand and the book i’m
reading about a horse riding Irish woman named Ella who unfortunately is married to a dictator in Paraguay.

The imagery from this book makes me want to be weave lace and smoke cigars like the Paraguayan women from the 1900’s~ They wear white cotton dresses called tupois, the petticoats are flounced with yards and yards of lace–they make lace themselves (lace quite different from Valenciennes or Chantilly lace but nevertheless quite well made)– then the outfit is completed with a bright red sash tied around the waist.

(i almost forgot the dress is jcrew… which i’m not normally inspired by, but i like that they are getting a bit bolder). alas no romantic notions of an oceanside romp today, i’m working on an illustration.

thank goodness for music… i’m listening to
matt costa in the studio … do you know him? i think he’s local. i’m never sure if musicians are big or not, just when i like ’em. have any music recommendations for me?