anj, will & me

always a fan of projects a la hula 70 (psst– sign up for her summer postcard swap!), here is my contribution to the day.

this was taken just… was it only 2… weeks ago? when my little brother andrew & our friend will were visiting. we were eating leftover pizza taken from home in an attempt to save $, at the requisite tourist spot: fisherman’s wharf (post sea lion viewing) outside of hooter’s. yes, i did say that. we didn’t actually step inside, but used their shiny yellow picnic tables right next to this photobooth (in an effort of full disclosure the cheesy firecracker U.S.A logo on top, as well as a double chinned picture on bottom of me were both cropped). we were in hysterics afterwards because andrew and I couldn’t tell which direction to move so that we would be in the photo, and also not block will (everything was reverse)… hence the surprised faces on either end! and yes, those are versace replica glasses scored on the wharf… they quite rival the navy blue larger than my face ones i got in NYC.

happy friday! i’m off to this sure to be amazing show by talented sisters.

ps- good luck this weekend on your SAT’s Andrew & Will!… i’m so glad it’s not me, brother.