*today i share this sweetness from risa in ecuador in the form of coral/glass bracelet (how did she know this is SO me?) and many tid-bits of her travels to argentina in the form of art postcards, a pin and handmade envelope. love.

*a purchase of jenny’s lemon drop earrings from modishoppe. swoon. i’ve worn them 3 days straight. can you blame me?
www.queenthings.com earrings which i now wear daily
they remind me of these yellow trumpets i stood under last week and smelled deeply.
yellow trumpets

*and it’s a little too warm for hats, but i couldn’t resist the sale at giant dwarf after coveting for ages…i’m wearing this on perhaps the hottest day of the year. 90 degrees i would guess! i also wanted this color.

now i am properly adorned
(i tried to capture them all in one photo and it was cracking me up trying to model the bracelet so awkwardly…alas we can’t all be hand, or even hat models!)

*and lest i forget a darling little fifi in chloe. don’t you want to be her? i do. (oh except i just noticed she has a stalker..eek).
fifi wears chloe

basically i feel like i’m living in a cash free society, where any purchases from my little shoppe (thank you people for liking my little animalitos~ they should be arriving on your doorsteps shortly!!) funnel back into beautiful things to surround/adorn myself with on my artist budget. thank you.

recently i found a scrap of paper dated almost exactly 3 years ago (pre my blog & my decision to go to art school) where i visioned what i wanted my life to be like in a stream of conscious way and voiced some fears.

one of the things i was scared of was isolating myself as an artist, as i have a love for holing up and working on art projects, but then i get refueled by being with others, especially artists. (i’m always exactly on the cusp of the introvert/extrovert in the meyers briggs).

fortunately since then, i not only share a studio in a great group of artists, but i discovered blog-land which has manifested on-line and real friends, support, inspiration, role models, a way of living and an artist journal to reflect on. i know many of us feel like so…and it is constantly shifting with new opportunities and the occasional awkwardness of putting inner most thoughts and ideas into a public forum.

on some days i feel like i cannot keep up with it all… on others the simple thump in my mailbox fills me with such glee anticipating a blog or etsy trade or unexpected connection. then there are those “real” person connections, like at the collaborative art show on friday where i was in a room full of amazing talent from the artists to the show-goers. it was truly so nice to see & meet everyone!

mati rose