moving on up
thank you for all your insight & support. i especially love that a few of you readers de-lurked, so nice to meet you!

my tea is boiling, excuse me…

ahh. sweet mint. so, where to now? now that i’ve made space i’ve got some good things happening and percolating:

*i have a group show tomorrow night, June 1st, with my talented friend hilary williams (she has an etsy site too!), among others at the arist exchange from 7-10 on guerrero & 16th. if you do live in the area and stop by, please do say hello!

*my friend katherine mitchell of the gleaming lark is also having a show down the street at 14th & guerrero that you should check out (she has an etsy site too)!

*hugh and i are also gearing up for a show together…at the end of june! it’s all happening very fast and it’s not totally firmed up, but details to come. (not to mention planning for our wedding– we just finished our collaborative invite and we love it and will share it soon.)

*and tomorrow i’m meeting with my fabulous web designer to see what she may have in store for me for a re-design! yeah!

*and meeting with my beehive collective aka chrisina and debbie (with her new blog)! we’re making headway on finding a space to teach art classes and in designing our website! i’m super psyched to figure this out!

i’m wishing you lovely weekends. i may post again tomorrow with a photobooth friday, but hugh made dinner, so i must go do the dishes right now. or else!