polas side by sidein the form of a polaroid camera sent to me by sweet tiffany after i wrote that my pola had broken. amazingly generous she is. it was sent with stripes and ribbons covering the box like a party at the postoffice; the lady had no trouble locating it! tulips from tiff (she lives in central maine! my roots!) and lanterns from behind our house (between home and the studio)–my first photo on the camera and her last. i love the idea of a polaroid swap. wouldn’t that be the best? thank you again tiff

also appreciating tonight in north beach with 2 other unemployed girlfriends. commiserating over summer solstice beer and chocolate orange gelato! summertime feelings abound with the outdoor cafe seating as we walked past all the romantic italian diners.

sounds of silence

and happy to be painting lots of big paintings for our upcoming show (16 days away). i feel i’m on to something… getting into the swing of it. i painted this girl and immediately felt calm & centered. isn’t that interesting? prints are available in the shoppe