equals blog love. to me. today. my heart is swelling from all the comments and cheerleading in a bangkok hotel for me (thank you frida!). coming out of its formerly squashed place. a weekend away on a blue float, clear sky, redwoods high above, a polka dotted bikini and purple dragonfly (do they bite?) on my belly to peer closely at. not to mention friends and a book and amazing eats.

i think without the struggles it would be harder to appreciate the condensed richness of life.

first a happy birthday to sweet kelly. i love this girl. from the moment i met her it was such ease and connection. she rocks with goodness.

this photo of seaglass & lilacs sums up summer to me, at least my maine memories of it. add on some strawberry rhubarb pie and it’s a wrap.

and the ocean of course is an implied part of the equation with the seaglass: this piece by penelope is amazing.

shash, outta the blue invited me to sean hayes tomorrow. so exciting to me in that not only do i get to see shash (my neighbor whom we only run into at moments when we’re both distracted doing laundry, etc.), but sean hayes is a daily feature of my studio listening inspiration (especially the big black hole and little baby star album). his voice is seriously crushable.

another blove moment…having sushi with my friend lisa who i always leave feeling super motivated by her strength and confidence as a woman and artist. both kelly and lisa are fearless in my book and remind me to be more badass in the “just do it” department, but more importantly just be myself. thank you.

here i am.
hello out there

thank you thank you thank you blog for bringing all this joy to my little mati world. it makes it all seem more do-able to have the support and real friendships that have transpired.