what lies ahead & behind

yesterday i went to ocean beach with my girl jessie visiting from albuquerque. i still believe it does best in new mex sunlight as you can see in my pola set:)

jessie took the top one… i never would have thunk of that angle. a little like being on the moon. i took the dunes behind us.

laying there, listening to those ocean, dozing off, burning the bottom parts of my legs to a crisp where i forgot to put sun screen on. they are still throbbing! but it was so good. i wish i could camp there for a solid week. wake to waves… and that ocean smell. a good reminder that the ocean is but a muni ride away when we SF-ers need the fix. sweat, tears and ocean water cures all… who said that?

i have a gigantic to-do list with our upcoming art show, wedding and job hunt (what lies ahead), but i want to appreciate what’s behind me too, and furthermore enjoying exactly where i am, sunburnt and all.

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